mobile element

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mobile genetic element

(1) A DNA sequence (e.g., insertion sequence or transposon) that promotes its own transposition.
(2) A DNA sequence on a chromosomes that can move to new sites in the genome other than by mutation.

mobile element

A nucleotide sequence that can be inserted successfully into several different places in the genome.
See also: element
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Rendezvous planning in wireless sensor networks with mobile elements," IEEETrans.
The arginine catabolic mobile element is not associated with enhanced virulence in experimental invasive disease caused by the community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300 genetic background.
They next observed junctions between the lectin gene and the insert that are characteristic of mobile elements.
Knowing the loads corresponding to radial and axial direction for each cam-follower and internal load distribution inside each cam-follower, the resulting linear and angular displacements of each robot's mobile element representing the general deformed/un-deformed model for a P-joint, assumed to be vertical ([a.
the contract is for analysis, design, development and implementation of the software, services and mobile element of an infrastructural asset management system for waterways ireland; including the ongoing support.
M] surmounts the toughness of the elastic element of the valve and another force who lead on sitting of the mobile element on his seat.
By adding a mobile element, we were able to track which ads were the most successful, which helps us to better plan our budgets for future campaigns.
The module post will be made in the technique container (using container 10-alloy) on a truck of medium-capacity high mobility and will be a mobile element Field segment of the Military Field Post.
Ivan Braiker, CEO of HipCricket stated: "Wedlock or Deadlock's target demographic is a young, hip audience, so adding a mobile element is a perfect fit.
For the motor with 100 rpm an external gear between motor shaft and mobile element of the device amplifies the motor torque to 6 Nm at 20 rpm.
Adding this mobile element to the helpful service that Ambassadors already provide will benefit conference attendees, speakers and exhibitors to get the most out of their show experience by being able to get all the information they need while on the go.
This is not true and the negative workspace cannot be explained only by symmetrical setting of the mobile element, at negative coordinates, under the base.

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