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1. Synonym(s): eluent
2. The chemicals used to develop film by reducing the light-activated silver halide molecules to atomic silver.
3. The factor(s) causing a cell, organ, or organism to undergo a series of orderly changes.
4. The staining agent used to make visible a colorless substance.


1. A person who or procedure that develops.
2. Synonym(s): eluent.
3. The chemicals used to develop film by reducing the light-activated silver halide molecules to atomic silver.


1. Synonym(s): eluent.
2. The chemicals used to develop film by reducing the light-activated silver halide molecules to atomic silver.


n a chemical solution that converts the invisible (latent) image on a film into a visible one composed of minute grains of metallic silver.


develops the latent image on the exposed x-ray film. A standard developer is a mixture of Metol and hydroquinone.

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Q. What week does the baby's brain develop? In which week of the pregnancy does the baby develop his brain?

A. I found a website that shows how your baby develops in the womb and also has pictures:

Q. What is the most common preventable cause of childhood development delay?

A. The most common cause of severe developmental delay (essentially mental retardation) is genetic abnormalities (or more accurately, cytogenetic abnormalities due to abnormal chromosomes). Other cause include damage during the pregnancy such as infections or serious diseases in the mother, damage (such as choking or insufficient blood supply to the fetus) during labor and metabolic diseases such as PKU or hypothyroididsm that affect young babies.

You may read more here:

Q. How worse the symptoms of Bipolar can develop?

A. Undiagnosed or unmedicated bipolar disorder can be fatal. A bipolar patient in a state of depression is at a higher risk of suicide where in a manic state a bipolar patient can take life threatening risks. Ie jumping off of a bridge because they think it will be fun or that they are invincable. It is extreamly important that a person suffering from bipolar disorder recieve proper treatment in order to control the symptoms of the illness.

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