mobile arm support

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mobile arm support (MAS)

[mō′bəl, mōbēl′]
a forearm support device that enables people with upper extremity disabilities to fulfill some activities of daily living, by helping to move the hand into position for self-feeding. It may also be used as a training device and may be mounted on a wheelchair. Also called balanced forearm orthosis, ball-bearing feeder.

mobile arm support



A device for support of the forearm, usually mounted on a wheelchair, that assists weak shoulder and elbow muscles in positioning the hand, as in eating. Synonym: balanced forearm orthosis; ball bearing feeder
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DMD = Duchenne muscular dystrophy, F = female, FT = full-time, ID = participant identification number, M = male, MAS = mobile arm support, SMA = spinal muscular atrophy, ULFI = Upper-Limb Functional Index.
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