The property of certain microorganisms that can assimilate organic compounds as carbon sources but not as energy sources.
[G. mixis, mixture, fr. mignumi, to mix, + trophē, nourishment]
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affinity, mixotrophy, and pH have been raised as possible sources of niche differentiation between AOA and AOB, no single soil parameter can describe their relative abundance.
Taxon-specific and seasonal variations in flagellates grazing on heterotrophic bacteria in the oligotrophic Lake Annecy--importance of mixotrophy.
This ability is called mixotrophy (Lampert & Sommer, 1997; Stoeker, 1999).
The discovery of mixotrophy in photosynthetic species of Dinophysis (Dinophyceae): light and electron microscopical observations of food vacuoles in Dinophysis acuminata, D.