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The mingling or blending of particles or components, especially of different kinds.
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Basic PLC controls add much to the functionality of the mixer and can in addition provide both storage of mixing procedures and record the data from the mixing process for reporting purposes.
Plural-component equipment systems for metering, mixing, spraying or casting PUR, epoxy, polysulfide or filled polyester.
As a step toward elucidating the basic physical principles underlying the mixing of solids, researchers have now proposed a simple model that captures some of the key features of slow granular mixing -- a process frequently used in industry.
Mixing is the intermingling of unlike particles to attain an average composition.
Many of these new materials and formulations are extremely abrasive to mix, and some contain potentially corrosive chemicals and emit corrosive gases during the mixing process.
Drais turbulent mixer/reactors for high-speed mixing, kneading, and reaction processes have interchangeable mixing elements for powders, pastes, and reaction processes.
Let us take a brief look at the basic steps in the mixing process.
Two mixing cycles showing typical examples of the mixing behavior with standard full-four-wing rotors and with HESC rotors are compared.
The technology of mixing rubber compounds is more than 100 years old.