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(mikst) affecting various parts at once; showing two or more different characteristics.


adjective Referring to a racially mixed person.

noun A person who, for the purposes of equal opportunity monitoring, is of mixed ethnic background, meaning he or she is a mixture of White and/or Asian and/or Black, etc., regardless of where he or she was raised or educated.

hearing loss of aging

Presbycusis Audiology The progressive loss of high pitch auditory discrimination seen in advanced age, affecting ±50% of those > age 75. See Hearing loss.
Hearing loss types
Conductive HL caused by damage to any mechanical components of the ear, eg accumulation of cerumen, disruption of tympanic membrane, fusion of one or more middle ear ossicles; conductive HLs may be amenable to surgery
Sensorineural HL due to a defect in the neural pathways, which may be at the level of the cochlea, auditory nerve, or in the cerebral cortex Etiology Infections–especially intrauterine, eg rubella, drug toxicity, eg aminoglycosides, and tumors, eg acoustic neuroma
Mixed HL due to a combination of mechanical and neural defects Etiology Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy


1. affecting various parts at the same time.
2. having two or more characteristics.
3. comprising several different ingredients.

mixed bacterial vaccine
an experimental preparation once investigated as a nonspecific immunostimulant in the treatment of different types of tumors in dogs. It contained Streptococcus pyogenes and Serratia marcescens.
mixed infection
infection with more than one agent at the same time.
mixed lymphocyte reaction
a test for histocompatibility between donor and recipient; lymphocytes from both are mixed in vitro and the responses quantitated by measuring the uptake of tritium-labeled thymidine (3H-TdR). In the usual assay one of the two populations which will serve as the target is blocked from undergoing blastogenesis by the drug mitomycin. The degree of incompatibility is reflected in the amount of cell division as measured by the uptake of 3H-TdR, incompatibility increasing the uptake of 3H-TdR.
mixed tumor
canine mammary tumors are often mixtures of epithelial, myoepithelial or connective tissues. Mixed tumors also occur in the dog in the thyroid, sweat and salivary glands.

Patient discussion about mixed

Q. How long between allergy medication can I give a child cold medication? I gave my boyfriend’s son allergy medication and he also has a cold I wanted to know when I can give him cold mediation for his cold. He is 5 years old.

A. This is a question for a professional. Some medication react with others, you should call a Doctor or a pharmacist and ask them. And ask them if it’s o.. to give a cold medicine to a 5 year old. If it’s not a bad cold- you can treat it the old fashion way, steams, chicken soup, a lot of tea.

Q. What medications are forbidden to take with alcohol? And why is that?

A. I think this web page will give you something to think about:
apparently there are more drugs you shouldn’t mix with alcohol then I could think of…

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