mitral valvotomy

mi·tral val·vot·o·my

deliberate incision or enlargement by inserting a finger in the stenotic mitral valve.
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In 1925, Soutar, for the first and only time in his life, felt the mitral valve through the left atrial appendage and saw the possibilities of mitral valvotomy by this approach.
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Closed mitral valvotomy (CMV) was previously utilized to treat patients who had mitral stenosis with successful outcome and remains an alternative approach in developing countries (1).
Closed mitral valvotomy may be the first surgical choice of treatment of mitral stenosis in the developing countries for suitable patients although the best approach (percutaneous or open surgical interventions) is still controversial in developed countries.
Closed mitral valvotomy is a very useful surgical technique to treat the mitral stenosis in the areas where rheumatic valve disease is epidemic and delays the open surgery.