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Cellules tumorales franchement atypiques et pleomorphes avec de rares mitoses (HE x400).
This study also demonstrated that six or more PHH3 mitoses per 10 HPF indicate meningiomas with significantly higher risk of recurrence or death within five years after primary surgery, independent of patient age or extent of tumor resection.
Kaposi sarcoma shows a proliferation of slightly atypical spindle cells that form slitlike vascular spaces, sometimes showing prominent mitoses, extravasated erythrocytes, hemosiderin, and closely associated plasma cells.
However, metastatic melanomas often have infiltrative patterns of growth without maturation, extensive areas of necrosis, and frequent mitoses, sometimes exhibit dusty melanin pigment in the cytoplasm of neoplastic cells, and rarely have a desmoplastic stroma.
These include asymmetry of the lesion, expansile melanocytic nests in the dermis, random cytologic atypia with nuclear pleomorphism, conspicuous eosinophilic nucleolus, absence of maturation, presence of dermal mitoses, and inflammation.
1-20) Most authors documented tumor laterality, (1-6,8-20) the presence or absence of gynecomastia at presentation1- (6,8-20) (5 of 29 cases with gynecomastia (1-3,5,10)), and the presence or absence of mitoses (2,5,6,8-12,14,16-20) (19 of 29 cases with mitoses, (5,6,8-12,14,16,18-20) 2 of 29 cases with no mitoses,2,17 and 8 of 29 cases with no mention of mitoses (1,3,4,7,13,15)).
Three tumor categories were proposed: G1, less than 2 mitoses per 2 [mm.
Score 1 [less than or equal to] 3 mitoses per square millimeter Score 2 4-7 mitoses per square millimeter Score 3 [greater than or equal to] 8 mitoses per square millimeter
Apoptosis, numerous mitoses, and occasional molding were present.
9) They are characterized by oncocytes with marked cellular atypia, frequent mitoses, destruction of adjacent structures, perineural or vascular invasion, and distant or regional lymph node metastasis.
3) Clinically manifest colchicine toxicity in these cases resulted in prominent accumulation of metaphase mitoses, epithelial pseudostratification, and loss of nuclear polarity.