mitomycin C

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mitomycin, mitomycin C

a group of highly toxic antineoplastics (mitomycin A, B and C) produced by Streptomyces caespitosus, indicated for palliative treatment of certain neoplasms that do not respond to surgery, radiation and other drugs.
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Diakonis et al in 2013 on the Allegretto laser platform 200hz using Mitomycin C, mean Log MAR UCVA 44 months after surgery was reported as 0.
4] M) alone had no effect on the observed frequency of micronucleated binucleate cells, whereas mitomycin C (1.
They were divided in five categories: Negative Control Group (NCG), Positive Control Group (PCG) and groups subjected to treatment with mitomycin C in the concentrations 0.
Topical 1% mitomycin C was used only in patients who required tracheostomy tubes because fibrinous debris in the larynx had been observed in other patients treated at this concentration, Dr.
Mitomycin C treatment for conjunctival-corneal intraepithelial neoplasia-a multicenter experience.
Among these are use of beta radiation conjunctival autograft amniotic membrane grafting and mitomycin C.
In 1 of these 5 ears, granulation tissue developed near the tympanic membrane 1 month postoperatively, and mitomycin C was applied for a second time.
Amniotic membrane graft for primary pterygium; comparison with conjunctivalautograft and topical mitomycin c treatment.