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He [Shoukry] cleared up the situation with the Sudanese ambassador and requested him to report any mistreatment incidents or complaints so that they would be investigated," Abu Zaid said.
The penalties against senior soldiers that are stipulated in articles 110, 111 and 117 of the Military Criminal Law should be increased and the legal impediments against soldiers reporting on mistreatment should be removed, the declaration of the symposium said.
This mistreatment allegedly resulted in the death of Bahraini Hassan Al Shaikh, who was found dead in his cell on November 6.
Despite the acute urgency of the problem, resident-to-resident mistreatment is underreported.
Free Justina now and remove her from this abusive mistreatment by State of Massachusetts and DCF.
The three showed Human Rights Watch cuts and bruises that they said were from mistreatment.
Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani conveyed Pakistan's concerns to the Indian secretary over the mistreatment of its diplomat in Delhi.
He added that allegations of mistreatment of Sandiford had been raised with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Diego Amado Hernandez, 21, pleaded not guilty in Lane County Circuit Court to three felony assault charges and one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment, which also is a felony.
Countries where the mistreatment of animals is commonplace are unlikely to be visited a second time by animal-loving British tourists, according to the findings of a recent study.
MANAMA (TAP) - The head of the Public Prosecution's Special Investigation Unit, Nawaf Hamza, announced the investigation of 15 policemen for their alleged involvement in mistreatment of inmates in custody.
Summary: Sidon MP Fouad Siniora urged the government Saturday to investigate the alleged mistreatment by security forces of a Sidon man who was briefly arrested last week for possession of arms.