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As we have seen before, cultural mistranslation starts to deform the coherence of a colonial subject-other construction, this time in indigenous discourses that momentarily re-figure the colonial subject as 'Other' within her own text.
To the world of collaboration, we must also add deliberate mistranslations which Padgett appears to have done while he was writing collaborative poems with Berrigan and Clark.
Hoffman, a frequent guest lecturer at churches and synagogues, is most widely known for unearthing significant mistranslations of the Bible.
There was just a small error in it, which I am sure is due to a common mistranslation.
They believe inconsistencies could have been caused by mistranslation.
The supposed passages the writer 'quotes' are a mistranslation from Ahmad's Urdu writings in which he had actually used the word 'kafir', meaning one who covers the truth.
Meanwhile, American TV news network CNN has been banned from working in Iran after a mistranslation of President Ahmadinejad's words.
Moreover, if Dharmaraksa's rendering of the term is a mistranslation of the original Sanskrit, this crucial fact is noted, as are cases where his translation agrees with the reading of certain Central Asian manuscripts while the Kern/Nanjio text disagrees with both of them, or vice versa.
The movie is supposed to be a comedy, but much of the French humor will sail over the heads of most Americans, starting with the mistranslation of the humorous French title.
Ruth is a 'non-passive female' figure, countering a common mistranslation of the 'Whither thou goest' motif, in which woman is destined to follow.
After weathering such criticism, residents say they are understanding, but unmoved, by Indian arguments over the mistranslation.
Despite Ba also appearing to criticize his manager's tactics, Pardew has said that it was largely a case of mistranslation.