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miscibility (miˈ·s·biˑ·l·tē),

n the ability of two liquids to mix with each other.
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to 100 Table 2: Miscibility of Natural Lipids with Common Silicones Natural Lipids Mango Kokum Shea Natural Common Silicone Ingredients Butter Butter Butter Oils Cyclopentasiloxane M NM M M+ Dimethicone (350 cSt) NM M NM M Phenyl trimethicone M+ NM M M+ M+ = Miscible at all ratios.
The miscibility of the EPN/PPO blends is affected both thermodynamically and chemically [11]: the molecular weight of EPN increases during the process of curing reaction, and conformational entropy decreases, resulting in phase separation.
1/2] value, indicating compatibility or even miscibility.
Advantages of carbon dioxide flooding are: Miscibility can be attained at low pressures; displacement efficiency is high in miscible cases, useful over a wider range of crude oils than hydrocarbon injection methods and miscibility can be regenerated if lost.
Review of literature shows that absence of interface or zero interfacial tension between the two fluid phases is a necessary and sufficient condition to attain miscibility (Benham et al.
g] for the PC-rich phase consistent with less partial miscibility between PC segments and PDMS segments.
They have further characterized the governing mass transfer mechanism for dynamic gas-oil miscibility development from interfacial tension using the sign and value of the exponent in the proposed model.
Flory-Huggins equation * Copolymers and blending * Copolymer representations -- temperature composition plots, miscibility maps
Incorporation of the DMA unit is intended to increase the block-copolymer miscibility with epoxy, and to provide greater stability of the nanostructures during cross-linking reaction [28, 41], Molecular characteristics of the M52 and M52N block-copolymers are presented in Table 1.
I6003rp demonstrates the value of excellent miscibility in PVC when used in combination with recycle PVC.
The main problem rubber mixers have to deal with is the poor miscibility of sulfur due to its polarity.
Polymer-Polymer Miscibility (Academic Press, 1979), co-authored with L.