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n the act of benefitting financially by using someone's name or likeness without permission; e.g., using a dental patient's radiographs in an article without obtaining his or her permission.
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According to Wheelock, first, the injunction must not prevent a person from entering into an employment relationship, and that conditions placed on such employment shall be based on evidence of threatened misappropriation and not merely on the information the person knows.
Available remedies generally track Uniform Trade Secret Act provisions, and include injunctions (with certain limitations) for actual or threatened misappropriation; monetary damages for actual loss and unjust enrichment, or a reasonable royalty; and, in the cases of willful and malicious misappropriation, exemplary damages of up to two times the amount of monetary damages and reasonable attorneys fees.
THE COURTS AND THE SEC APPLY three sets of rules to decide whether insider trading has taken place: traditional (information stemming from a relationship of trust with an entity or its shareholders), misappropriation (information disclosed in confidence) and tender offer (information about a company that's in play).
Under the soon to be enacted Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA), a company will be able to file a civil action in federal court for the misappropriation of trade secrets that is related to a product or service used in, or intended for use in, interstate or foreign commerce.
However, due to misappropriation of funds and overestimation of prices by volume of construction works by the leadership of the Department of the Capital Construction and the JSC E.
The recommendation was part of the House resolutions on Wednesday after adopting the report of its Ad hoc Committee which investigated the allegations of misappropriation of government assets under the care of Harmony Holdings Limited.
He said, no issues of misappropriation, misrepresentation of material facts or systemic defects have been raised by the auditor general in his reports.
In its letter addressed to the NAB chairman, the PTI leader alleged that Asif is part of the 'gang' involved in the cover-up of money laundering and financial misappropriation by former premier Nawaz Sharif.
BAHAWALPUR -- The Anti-Corruption Bahawalpur circle has arrested two accused after their bail was canceled by the court in case pertaining to alleged misappropriation of government funds of Agricultural Training School Bahawalpur.
But what happens when, despite these measures, trade secret misappropriation occurs?
The apex court asked Centre to examine enacting a law to regulate government funds for NGOs and prosecute them in case of misuse, misappropriation of funds or non- filing of annual statements.
Ranawaka for the misappropriation of Divi Neguma funds, amounting Rs.