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n the use of incorrect or improper procedures while administering treatment; results from inadequacy in experience, training, skills, or knowledge. May also result from impairment or incompetence.
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Using features of Around View Monitor and the sonar system, this technology helps reduce the risk of accidents occurring through misapplication of the accelerator and brake brought about by driver operational mistakes.
That could include, for example, the cynical abuse and misapplication of progressive single status legislation by the Tory-Liberal council in Birmingham in order to cut the pay of low-paid workers and clobber the pensions of low-paid council employees.
How we conquer these challenges depends on our ability to manage the lack or misapplication of talent, skill, or knowledge that is causing the problem.
It is not clear whether it is the councillors who make these rules who are to blame for their misapplication or the employees who carry them out - to the last letter without judgment or common sense.
Walder pleaded guilty to sixteen counts of embezzlement and misapplication by a bank officer or employee and is currently serving a ninety-seven month prison sentence.
And, in the Rheims district of France, a misapplication of plastics would invariably be compared with the use of plastic stoppers for champagne bottles.
Carnochan notes, Watt's expert craftsmanship creates sentences that "go down with an ease inversely proportional to the pains that went into their composition" (90), and I have found that uncritical acceptance of his views by students can pose greater problems in the classroom than the misapplication of his ideas as a consequence of misreading.
Our complaint against AOL Time Warner details a wide array of wrongdoing, including fraudulent roundtrip transactions to inflate online advertising revenues, fraudulent inflation of AOL subscriber numbers, misapplication of accounting principles relating to AOL Europe, and participation in frauds against the shareholders of three other companies," says Stephen Cutler, enforcement chief at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
who served one year probation in 1980 for misapplication of bank funds; and Steven Davis Simmons of Austin, Texas, who served five years' probation connected to counterfeiting.
Dogmatic works included polemics against various heresies and heretics, the compendious Catachresis (Editor: the misapplication of a word or phrase) (a defence of principal Trinitarian tenets), and a Platonic Dialogue between himself and Macrina, whose Life he also composed--"A gem of hagiography" (Johannes Quasten).
Such fraud can be accomplished through a number of methods, usually Falsified documents, the omission of significant events or the intentional misapplication of GAAP.
The panel's determination that Ohio's investment tax credit unconstitutionally discriminates against interstate commerce by imposing a lesser tax burden on companies making in-state investments in capital equipment compared with companies making similar investments outside Ohio represents a serious misapplication of the Commerce Clause.