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Clinton Machann closed his review of Spreading Misandry in the volume 11, number 3 issue of the JMS by noting that "this trilogy will be controversial" (p.
So, structurally, Sanctifying Misandry is divided into two main parts preceded by a short introduction and followed by an appendix, extensive endnotes, and a detailed index.
but without being nearly as culturally and socially divisive; generally speaking, European feminists have stayed away from misandry and have been less prepared to see differentiation of gender roles in the family and private life as threatening to equal respect between men and women.
Misandry, the "sexist counterpart of misogyny", is a "culturally propagated hatred of men.
Misandry invariably leads to misogyny, since women who fail to adhere to the party line must be collaborationists.
Clinical acumen may be assisted by instruments measuring misogyny, misandry and sexist attitudes.
The authors are a pair of scholars from McGill University, and their series will culminate in a third volume, to be entitled Transcending Misandry.
They have written two books about "man-hating," Spreading Misandry and Legalizing Misandry, and are working on a third, Transcending Misandry.
To begin to supplant such nascent misandry and to evoke empathy instead, we spent considerable time in class discussions looking at the real, subjective, individual men in our lives: fathers, boyfriends, other male friends, and other male relatives.
The introduction of the following terms helps balance the idea of sexism; misogyny, misandry, gynephobia, androphobia, androcentric, and gynocentric.
There is no reason to assume that scholarship in gender studies must remain tied either to Foucauldian poststructuralist models or the blatant misandry inherent in much recent work.