In radiation therapy, incorrect administration of radiation by dose or treatment.
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The goals of the ScripTalk program are the prevention of medication misadministration, through aural communication of the medication label information, and the reduction of the users' reliance on caregivers for medication administration.
Mix-up of IV lines leading to misadministration of drugs and solutions
The two cartoons of Thornycroft's Boadicea, standing across from the Houses of Parliament, are reminders of the misadministration of government and symbolic of female militancy in the face of injustice.
The greatest challenge faced by the Welsh NHS is not that stated by Mr Drakeford but that of the Assembly itself under this misadministration, whose combined efforts have caused the service to sink to a catastrophic level of incompetence.
More importantly, Deqing was on the side of Cisheng, who was deemed the final bulwark against Wanli's misadministration.
Hafiz Naeem said that the national institutions have been reached at the verge of collapse due to the incompetency and misadministration of the previous and present governments.
corruption, structural weaknesses, and misadministration.
The government has opened up an area of explosion for this accumulated energy through misadministration of the process and crisis.
He said that Pakistan International Airlines, marred with bad governance and misadministration, recently received Rs100 billion as bailout package while it has wasted around Rs 200 billion in last five years.
Out of the 543 seats in the lower house of parliament, atleast 272 good and honest lawmakers must be elected and we will work to get a prime minister, who works to bring back black money and eradicate corruption and replace this misadministration with good administration in the country," Ramdev added.
India was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy largely due macroeconomic misadministration of three successive governments at the Center which had also written off large agricultural loans in exchange of the vote bank.
And the stupid order to put in extra hours, use more effort and go the extra mile smacked of desperate buck-passing by a Conservative-Liberal misadministration disintegrating before our very eyes.