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(neg'ă-tiv), Avoid the jargonistic use of this word as a synonym of normal or in expressions that may be obscure or ambiguous, as in negative findings and negative results.
1. Not affirmative; refutative; not positive; not abnormal.
2. Denoting failure of response, absence of a reaction, or absence of an entity or condition in question.
[L. negativus, fr. nego, to deny]


/neg·a·tive/ (neg´ah-tiv)
1. having a value less than zero.
2. indicating absence, as of a condition or organism.
3. characterized by refusal, denial, resistance, or opposition.


1. Marked by failure of response or absence of a reaction.
2. Not indicating the presence of a particular disease, condition, or organism.
3. Moving or turning away from a stimulus, such as light.

negative (neg)

Etymology: L, negare, to deny
1 (of a laboratory test) indicating that a substance or a reaction is not present.
2 (of a sign) indicating on physical examination that a finding is not present, often meaning that there is no pathological change.
3 (of a substance) tending to carry or carrying a negative chemical charge.


Lab medicine
noun A lab result that is normal; failure to show a positive result for the specific disease or condition for which the test is being done.

Vox populi
noun Absence or nonexistence of a thing or activity.


noun Lab medicine A lab result that is normal; failure to show a positive result for the specific disease or condition for which the test is being done. See False negative, Hemoccult negative, True negative Vox populi Absence or nonexistence of a thing.


1. Not affirmative; refutative; not positive.
2. mathematics Having a value less than zero.
3. physics, chemistry Having an electric charge resulting from a gain or overabundance of electrons, hence able to donate (lose) electrons.
4. medicine Denoting a response to a diagnostic maneuver or laboratory study that indicates the absence of the disease or condition tested for.
[L. negativus, fr. nego, to deny]


Not affirmative; refutative; not positive.
[L. negativus, fr. nego, to deny]


1. having a value of less than zero.
2. indicating lack or absence, as coagulase-negative or Brucella-negative.
3. characterized by denial or opposition.

negative feedback
negative reinforcement
in animal psychology the stimuli which produce withdrawal, immobility, aversion, escape.

Patient discussion about negative

Q. is her2 positive more agressive than her2 negative? i know someone with her2 positive breast cancer and her doctor said it was more difficult to detect upon its return if it came back i want to know if it is true and what can she do to detect it earlier

A. Over-expression of her2/neu, a specific molecule in the breast cancer cell is indeed considered to convey worse prognosis, and suggest the need for chemotherapy and immunotherapy with Herceptin. However, the decision is much more complicated and should be made on case by case basis after consulting a professional.

Q. Rising PSA to 10 with two negative biospies? Expect cancer? 67 yrs old in good health otherwise.

A. High values don't always mean it's cancer. At 67 years old, you're prostate is most likely enlarging, resulting in the higher PSA results. And after two negative biopsies, it sounds like you're in the clear. Like Brandon said though, keep up with your regular check ups.

Q. Does the cooking have a negative effect on the protein content of the food? I have heard that high temperatures cooking breaks the protein, so does the cooking have a negative effect on the protein content of the food?

A. Yes. Proteins can be denatured by heat, but only when the protein structure is delicate or is exposed to extremely high temperatures for long time. You must remember that breaking of protein is the physical-chemical process where the physical or chemical structure of a protein is rearranged. So cooking will not reduce on the nutritive value of the food until it’s cooked at cooking temperatures.

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