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1. A moderate-sized computer that can serve many users in a department, or one dedicated to a complex computational function such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging; smaller and slower than a mainframe, more complex and powerful than a personal computer.
2. A miniature nerve potential occurring when a single neurotransmitter vesicle's contents are released.
[It. miniatura, decoration of manuscripts, fr. L. minium, red lead]


Abbreviation for:
Mental Illness Needs Index

mini international neuropsychiatric interview



A screening test to identify the possible presence of serious psychiatric illness in people, but esp. among prison inmates. The tests consists of 120 questions designed to identify 17 psychiatric disorders and is available in more than 40 languages.
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With customer service and performance at the forefront of the MINI experience, this is a fantastic achievement.
In all MINI's variations you can opt for a MINI One, MINI Cooper, For drivers who prefer to stick with the "normal" sized MINI there is still the choice of hatchback, convertible and Clubman.
33 In 1991, sales of Minis in Japan were greater than in the UK.
Alongside the Mini GP will be the Mini One, Cooper and Cooper S' Mini One D' Mini One, Cooper and Cooper S Convertible' Mini One Seven, Mini Cooper Park Lane and Mini Cooper S Checkmate.
Altogether, there are 10 just-in-time suppliers responsible for 45% of all MINI parts.
It is expected more than 5,400,000 Minis will be made before the run ends.
2 The world record for cramming people into a Mini is 66, achieved on Noel Edmonds's Late Late Breakfast Show in 1986.
A BMW spokeswoman said: "There has been a lot of interest in a Mini convertible and now it is going ahead.
Trevor Houghton-Berry, general manager for MINI UK said: "We're pleased the deal has been done and are looking forward to adding another chapter to the MINI story.
CHICAGO -- Expanded line of affixable and interchangeable ceramic mini pieces enable consumers to create more options for custom tabletop presentations for holidays, events and everyday entertaining
G-Tech) announced today the addition of three new high-performance units to the company's award winning line of G-DRIVE mini mobile disk drives.