minimum data set

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minimum data set

A list of names, definitions and sources of data items needed to support a specific purpose—e.g., public health surveillance or monitoring for appropriate care using a registry.
A set of key documents which enable a validation team in the Practice to Practice Plus transition to fully understand the organisation being assessed.

Trend data, assessment documentation, key strategies, policies developed since Practice, evidence demonstrating progress made towards Practice Plus, and supplementary information as required.

A paper or electronic form developed by the Royal College of Pathologists for reporting of anatomical site-specific cancers, on which the pathologist places all of the objective data gleaned from macroscopic and microscopic examination of the specimen, including tumour size, tumour extension, number of nodes involved by tumour, histologic type, degree of differentiation, etc.

See, Mental Health Minimum Data Set.

min·i·mum da·ta set

(MDS) (min'i-mŭm dā'tă set)
Smallest number of data that can be collected and still positively identify the patient.
See also: Nursing Minimum Data Set

Minimum Data Set



A comprehensive computer-compatible form for assessment of Medicare- or Medicaid-certified nursing home residents. It was developed as a result of the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 and mandated for use in nursing homes in the U.S. Resident assessment protocols are used to identify multiple triggers for the assessment of various conditions. Under the current prospective payment system, the form must be completed and sent electronically to the federal government within 5 days of admission to a nursing home and at frequent intervals thereafter.
See: Nursing Minimum Data Set


see also minimal.

minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration
the concentration of an anesthetic in the alveoli that prevents a muscular response to a painful stimulus in 50% of the subjects; abbreviated MAC.
minimum daily requirement (MDR)
the minimum amount of a nutrient that is required daily for the maintenance of good health.
minimum data set
an accepted list of terms and definitions necessary for veterinary records aimed at creating useful animal disease records. Called also uniform basic data set.
minimum effective concentration (MEC)
the minimal blood level at which a systemic drug exerts the desired effect.
minimum effective strain
level of strain below which bone shows no adaptive reaction.
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RESOLVED, that the Iowa Nurses Association supports the American Nurses Association recommendations in use of nationally recognized and approved nursing terminologies within Electronic Health Records for uniform documentation of nursing care elements as defined for the Nursing Minimum Data Set, and be it further
Your initial task when investigating any elevated quality measures/quality indicators (QM/QI) is to ensure the accuracy of the data entered on the Minimum Data Set (MDS).
Nursing has identified the key standardized data elements that nurses share from setting to setting within the nursing minimum data set (NMDS, Werley, Devine, Zorn, Ryan, Westra, 1991).
The data were taken from a sample of 13,588 nursing home residents who were among the 127,587 included in the Missouri Minimum Data Set (MDS) from Jan.
WASHINGTON -- A nine-item questionnaire of self-reported symptoms was more reliable and efficient than the widely used Geriatric Depression Scale and the Minimum Data Set 2.
Some don't seem to understand the basics of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) system, the amount of training and education MDS coordinators need to function, and the operational risks they face with inaccurate data, inappropriate Resource Utilization Group (RUG) scores, and incorrect quality indicators/quality measures (QI/QM).
The initial record offers a minimum data set, but extensions to the CCR will offer specialty-oriented information fields for individual types of physicians, Sullivan said.
Psychometric Characteristics of the Minimum Data Set I: Confirmatory Factor Analysis.
The new bill introduced today moves in the right direction as it seeks to adopt important concepts of prioritization and tiered minimum data set requirements," Cathcart said.
Patient assessment information is generated from a SNF's Minimum Data Set (MDS) system or from an HHA's Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) system and then converted into a Continuity of Care Document (CCD / C-CDA) containing the patient assessment information.
Focused Minimum Data Set (MDS) and dementia care surveys (S&C: 14-22-NH).

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