mineralized deposit

mineralized deposit,

n calcified bacterial plaque, which may develop above or below the gingiva, on teeth, replacement teeth, or rehabilitative oral equipment.
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Mega has undertaken a detailed, focused drill program that will concentrate on the extending the western portion of the mineralized deposit and further define the open pit potential of the deposit.
The amended royalty will cover all the ground referred to in the original agreement signed with the royalty holders in 2003 which encompasses the entire Tocantinzinho mineralized deposit.
Diamond core hole D02-166, located on section 2600, approximately 25 meters to the north-west of hole D02-186, was drilled to the northeast at-70 degrees, angled to cross the mineralized deposit from west to east.
It is characterized as having low gold grades but the copper grades are more than twice the average grade of copper in the Brisas mineralized deposit.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 1997--Gold Reserve Corporation (TSE:GLR-NASDAQ:GLDR), is pleased to announce that drilling at its Brisas property has increased the mineralized deposit by 900,000 ounces of gold and 150 million pounds of copper to 7.
The results of exploration drilling continues to expand the previous delineated Brisas gold/copper mineralized deposit and the results of development drilling has improved the quality of the mineralized deposit.
At Apanao, step-out drilling is closing the gaps between resource Blocks 1,2 and 3 to form a single mineralized deposit.
As previously reported, the current Brisas mineralized deposit is comprised of a northern area characterized as a gold/copper deposit and a southern area as a gold deposit (map available upon request/a).
Recent drilling at the Creek breccia pipe (NE6-NE10), has confirmed that this structure contains a larger mineralized deposit than previously projected.
This new resource figure is based upon a more definitive evaluation of the overall mineralized deposit calculated to an average depth of approximately 275m below surface and includes a gold resource of 1.
In addition other elements (including arsenic, copper, lead and molybdenum) often associated with mineralized deposits returned anomalous results which could indicate the presence of mineralized veins/structures and/or felsic schist rock units.
ASDI has reserved the rights to any mineralized deposits that are below the surface ore bodies.