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A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination.
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LEADING artists Justin Nuyda and Eduardo Castrillo join Rockwell Power Plant Mall's Focus on the Arts: Celebrating Filipino Art through the exhibit Search Mindscapes, until July 30.
Ameriprise Financial created the New Retirement Mindscape 2013 City Pulse index utilizing survey responses from 10,045 US adults ages 40-75.
Source: Mindscape, Novato, CA, 617/761-3000; http://www.
Districts that are already members of the TLC District Purchase Program or the Mindscape District Alliance may contact TLC School for complete details on the TLC School Alliance Transition Program.
Mindscape, with titles like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and Chessmaster 5500, finally managed to eke out an operating profit of pounds 1.
Early implementations of systems like MINDscape are contributing to a growing belief that Web-enabled clinical links hold tremendous power.
has announced the release of The Complete National Geographic: 108 Years of National Geographic Magazine on CD-ROM, a partnership effort from National Geographic Interactive, Kodak, and Mindscape.
This is a strenuously intellectual landscape, a mindscape where you see several sides of the same thing or, to use Gerard Manley Hopkins' spiritual term, an 'inscape'.
Cole's thesis, that Marlowe's innovation lies in his dramatization of a self-destructive mindscape, is either inaccurate or critically aloof, since Charles Segal makes a similar claim for the Younger Seneca.
KidSoft will launch eight Mindscape titles as part of the KidSoft line of value- priced CD-ROM software at retail this summer.
6 December 2012 - More women report feeling confident about their retirement than in the past two years according to new findings from the 2012 New Retirement Mindscape City Pulse index by Minnesota, USA-based financial advisors Ameriprise Financial (NYSE: AMP).