mind clearing

mind clearing,

v releasing all thoughts in order to more fully benefit from the treatment to follow; a practice in the healing touch philosophy.
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The boss or supervisor will usually not mind clearing something off their plate.
This mind clearing collection will fill the air with aromatic scents of basil, peppermint and eucalyptus.
Used with other techniques, mind clearing can assist the elderly with significant symptom relief from Alzheimer's.
With your mind clearing with every passing day, the next steps you take could be very encouraging.
They make a lot of mess but I don't mind clearing up after them.
But they can't work 24 hours and I don't mind clearing it away because a lot of children and old people use the footpath.
It looked rather tasty, actually, and the cleaner later told me she didn't mind clearing it up, because she just slid it off the floor, as though it were a thin-crust takeaway with extra tomatoes.
We don't mind clearing away the flowers but the worst thing is when people scrawl on the statue or stick messages all over it.