milk of calcium

milk of cal·ci·um

densely calcified fluid, most often found radiographically in the gallbladder in association with chronic obstruction.
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Fluid was aspirated from this lesion during surgical intervention which was clear, pale in color and was slightly turbid on opening this cystic lesion due to milk of calcium [Figure.
The formation of calculi or milk of calcium within a calyceal diverticulum occur secondary to a combination of urinary stasis and recurrent infection within the diverticulum.
Recognition of mobile echogenic material within such a cyst-like structure is considered characteristic of milk of calcium [10,11].
Non-Contrast CT shows an uncomplicated, regular, fluid-filled space possibly with a thick outer wall, which may contain high attenuation mobile debris due to milk of calcium.
Urinary milk of calcium in children and adults: use of gravity-dependent sonography.
At admission, a urethral catheter was inserted, and a plain radiograph showed 2 bladder stones and milk of calcium calcifications.
Milk of calcium is the term associated with the process in which calcium precipitates in benign cysts (9).