military medicine

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mil·i·tar·y med·i·cine

the practice of medicine as applied to the special circumstances associated with military life.
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In addition, he was a co-author of "Transgender Veterans are Inadequately Understood by Healthcare Providers" published in Military Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal for federal and international health professionals.
Even more, together we are tackling military management issues and look for possibilities of cooperation in the areas of military training and collaboration of military medicine experts.
He added that the program will also develop Iraq's security sector, bomb disposal capabilities, military medicine, and civil military planning.
Displays included field catering, kayaking, sandpits to test mine detection skills, a mocked up WW1 trench and a display of how first aid posts of a century ago compare with the advanced military medicine of today.
Results from independent clinical studies using BrainScope's technology have been published through 15 articles in leading peer-reviewed neurotrauma and emergency medicine journals such as Journal of Neurotrauma, Brain Injury, Academic Emergency Medicine, Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, and Military Medicine.
Due to improvements in military medicine and technology, many warriors, like Jason, are surviving combat injuries that would have previously been fatal, including severe TBIs.
China will join hands with Thailand to enrich the contents of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, strengthen exchange and cooperation in the sectors of joint military exercises and joint training, military medicine, arms equipment and technology, multilateral security and fighting against terrorism, Xu added.
Annual financial assistance from Turkey, increase in the quotas for military students and cadets, development of cooperation in the field of education and military medicine were studied as well.
Unity of command is not established, and thus no single senior military medical leader, directorate, division, or command is solely focused on battlefield care, the quintessential mission of military medicine.
AMSUS was established in 1891 with aim of exchanging expertise among nations of the globe in military medicine.
Both sides expressed hope that the Agreement will pave the way for exchange of views and information on politicomilitary issues well as issues related to strengthening of mutual trust and international security, intensification of counterterrorist and arms control activities, extension of relations in various fields of military education, exchange of experience in peacekeeping and interaction in peacesupporting operations under the United Nations auspices, Extension of relation in Military medicine, Military history, Military topography, Military hydrography and Military culture.
Brigadier General Dr Stefan Kowitz , Director, Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, NATO

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