midline incision

mid·line in·ci·sion

a vertical abdominal incision placed in the midline aponeurosis between the two sheaths of the rectus muscles of the abdomen.
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A lower abdominal midline incision, dividing the rectus muscles and laterally splitting the muscles and fascia, was made 6 cm away from the umbilicus not to interfere with the subsequent attachment of a collecting device.
A full-thickness midline incision of the anterior vaginal epithelium is performed to enter the vesicovaginal space.
A total knee replacement was performed using a midline incision oriented perpendicular to the previous transverse incision.
Six days after admission, a laparoscopic evaluation was performed but quickly converted into a laparotomy through a midline incision.
Emergent laparotomy was performed through a midline incision from xyphoid to pubic symphisis (fig 1).
The study population was colorectal surgery with a midline incision of 19 to 22 cm.
Exploratory laparotomy was performed with a vertical midline incision.
In cats such as Bengals, where the coats are prized for being so delicate and beautiful, it would be best to have her speyed via a midline incision over her belly where any change in coat colour will not be as noticeable.
At operation the abdomen was entered through a midline incision.
Closure of a midline incision has been suggested as the reason for such high recurrence with simple excision and closure procedures.
The decision was made to convert from a laparoscopic to an open procedure, and a midline incision was made.