middle temporal artery

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mid·dle tem·po·ral ar·ter·y

origin, superficial temporal; distribution, temporal fascia and muscle; anastomoses, branches of maxillary.
See also: middle temporal branch of insular part of middle cerebral artery, posterior temporal branch of middle cerebral artery.
Synonym(s): arteria temporalis media [TA]

middle temporal artery

one of the branches of the superficial temporal artery on each side of the head. It arises just above the zygomatic arch, pierces the temporal fascia, branches to the temporalis, and anastomoses with the deep temporal branches of the maxillary artery. Compare deep temporal artery, superficial temporal artery.
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Middle Temporal Artery (MTA): This artery extends from the Sylvian fissure opposite to the inferior frontal gyrus and supplies the superior and middle portion of the middle temporal lobe.
They found that temporalis fascia is supplied solely by the middle temporal artery which is a branch of superficial temporal artery and arises 1- cm below the upper border of zygomatic arch runs always superficial to the arch and enters the temporalis fascia immediately above that layer's attachment to the zygomatic arch.

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