middle finger

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mid·dle fin·ger

third finger.
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) medius [TA], digitus (manus) tertius [III] [III]* ☆ , third finger
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In an act of showing her distaste, the actress was reportedly caught flashing her middle finger, again.
Then he called the police claiming that I flashed my middle finger, but I did not do so.
The Syrian stated in official records: "I was speaking with my friend on the phone when they did an offensive gesture with their middle fingers.
The pain experienced by the middle finger reduced most - by 64 per cent - when the technique was induced in an individual's two hands and then all three fingers on one hand touched the same fingers on the other hand.
In this report, we describe a case of a palmar fracture-dislocation of the PIP joint of the middle finger caused by bowling; its etiology is discussed with and previous literature reviewed.
London, Nov 22 (ANI): Queen of pop Madonna was seen cavorting on stage and doing the middle finger routine at her Sticky and Sweet world tour, as her "quickie" divorce from Guy Ritchie went through.
Middle fingers can exert pressure (inward, to the left).
Michael recommends placing your index and middle fingers behind the jawbone, just beneath your earlobe.
As the crowd cheered their American opponents, 29-year-old Zvereva held her hands up towards them with her middle fingers raised in a shocking gesture, never before seen at Wimbledon.
Second, the thrower can press his fore and middle fingers together on the discus (Photo 3).
UCLA (4-1) could have more trouble in the availability of leading scorer Dijon Thompson, who needed 13 stitches to close a cut in the webbing between his index and middle fingers of his shooting (right) hand.
20 opener against Chicago State, and shooting with his index and middle fingers taped together takes getting used to.

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