middle finger

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mid·dle fin·ger

third finger.
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) medius [TA], digitus (manus) tertius [III] [III]* ☆ , third finger
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Use your middle finger to circle for 10 to 20 seconds.
The common palmar digital artery of SPA supplying the adjacent sides of the index and middle fingers passed through the neural loop formed by the proper digital nerve of median nerve supplying the radial side of the middle finger and joined with the unusually large first palmar metacarpal artery before dividing into proper digital arteries.
In an act of showing her distaste, the actress was reportedly caught flashing her middle finger, again.
Then he called the police claiming that I flashed my middle finger, but I did not do so.
The Syrian stated in official records: "I was speaking with my friend on the phone when they did an offensive gesture with their middle fingers.
Now it turns out that extending your middle finger can make you perceive hostility.
In this report, we describe a case of a palmar fracture-dislocation of the PIP joint of the middle finger caused by bowling; its etiology is discussed with and previous literature reviewed.
Middle fingers can exert pressure (inward, to the left).
Louis measured blood flow in the brains of 27 adults while they rested and again while they anticipated an upcoming touch or electric shock, which they expected on the left or right big toe or the right index and middle fingers.
In the experiment, their index and ring fingers were placed in warm water while their middle fingers were plunged into cold water.
Madge, 50, was seen laughing and dancing away in basque and fishnets with her dancers on November 21 at her gig in Philadelphia, and flicking her middle fingers at one point of time, reports the Sun.
Thompson needed 13 stitches to repair a tear in the webbing between the index and middle fingers of his right hand.

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