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It was a double house, and the big open place be- twixt them was roofed and floored, and sometimes the table was set there in the middle of the day, and it was a cool, comfortable place.
The spear must be as thick in the middle as a large tree, and both its ends must be sharp.
They lingered long over their cups, Master Middle emptying one after another while the stranger expounded at great length on the best plans for coming at and capturing Robin Hood.
This development has, in its time, reacted on the extension of industry; and in proportion as industry, commerce, navigation, railways extended, in the same proportion the bourgeoisie developed, increased its capital, and pushed into the background every class handed down from the Middle Ages.
But surely there is no use for a Scarecrow stuck on a pole in the middle of a river.
In the morning when he awoke, he began to search over hill and dale for this pretty flower; and eight long days he sought for it in vain: but on the ninth day, early in the morning, he found the beautiful purple flower; and in the middle of it was a large dewdrop, as big as a costly pearl.
Now tbe inkstand top is in the middle, now the red bit of sealing-wax, now the black bit.
It is also the genius of a city to be composed as much as possible of equals; which will be most so when the inhabitants are in the middle state: from whence it follows, that that city must be best framed which is composed of those whom we say are naturally its proper members.
For it is thus that people have been in the habit of proceeding with the marvellous churches of the Middle Ages for the last two hundred years.
And somewhere in the middle of Oz is the Emerald City.
Opposed to you are two great forces, each of which is more powerful than you of the middle class.
Indeed, through all the life of the Middle Ages there was room for story-telling.