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In addition, microtome samples from the six cirrhotic livers in series B were taken in the same manner as in series A, with two to five paraffin blocks available from each liver (mean, 6.
For each liver in series A, means and SDs of HIC measurements were calculated for biopsy-sized and microtome samples (Table 1).
The microtome used for this procedure is designed for such a purpose.
We previously used a number of hand-held portable microtome kits from vendors of science class supplies designed for introductory biology and histology work.
Sources Sought:Preventive Maintenance for (4) Thermo Fisher Scientific Microtome Units Model # HM355S
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation and commissioning of Equipment for Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University) Transmission Electron Microscope,Ultra Microtome
Tenders Are Invited for Supply of Mikrotom a slide, rotary microtome - fully automatic, printer cartridges and glass.
Tenders are invited for Semi automatic microtome to the department of pathology
Tenders are invited for Purchase of semi motorised microtome
Their topics include the culture of sentiments and the black female body in the 19th-century literary marketplace, the bodies of black folk from Kant and Hegel to Dubois and Baldwin, adoption and passing in Kate Chopin's "Desiree's Baby" and Jessie Redmon Fauset's "The Sleeper Wakes," the body against itself in Faulkner's phenomenology of race, and the black body under the weight of white American's microtomes.
Biologists have long used diamond blades, known as microtomes, to section flash-frozen cells into thin slices in preparation for microscopic scrutiny.