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Topics featured in the Life Cycle series include They're Forgetting Someone (1984), which addresses many of the arguments for abortion and discusses fetal pain, and New Technology (1985), showcasing advances such as ultrasound and microphotography and that offer amazing glimpses of the developing child.
Now Nilsson, extending his reach, uses microphotography and computer magic to deliver a short tour of evolution.
Printed CNT-TFT on a DuPont[R] Kapton[R] FPC polyimide film: (a) schematic structure cross-section view, [(b) and (c)] picture of the CNT-TFT, (b) circuit, and (c) optical microphotography of the CNT-TFT (top view).
and "intensified seeing" (facilitated by means of macro- and microphotography, light filters, and bird's-, frog's-, and fish's-eye views).
The volume is concise, written for the specialist, and well-illustrated throughout with microphotography.
The morphological changes of PS-PUR associated with the degradation were observed under compound light microscope and recorded by microphotography.
Following azan and hematoxylin-eosin staining, uterine and vaginal epithelial heights were assessed on microphotography using the Zeiss microscope Axioskop 40.
Scholars used a combination of X-ray techniques, ultraviolet examination, paint sampling tests and microphotography to seek out its origins.
8) A definitive body of visual evidence emerged in the campaign of microphotography undertaken by Marjorie N.
TEM microphotography clearly showed that the thicker sheets consisted of the thin sheets with thickness less than 5 nm, and the gallery spacing between sheets was about 10 nm (Fig.
Research, confirmed through computerized microphotography, also pointed to dramatic improvements in skin moisturization, firmness, and texture.
This series brings us closer to the mysterious insect world than ever before, using microphotography and computer animation to capture habitats from Africa to Antarctica.