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A parasitic microorganism.


An older term for a microorganism invisible to the naked eye that completes its full life cycle within one host, often intracellularly, and is transmissible to a conspecific host. Microparasite is little used in the working biomedical parlance.

Salmonella, HIV.
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burgdorferi were host specialized, the strains of this microparasite would migrate differentially, resulting in geographic structuring of this pathogen.
Interactions between macroparasites and microparasites drive infection patterns in free-ranging African buffalo.
helminths), which change host demography and may interact directly with microparasites via the host s immune system.
In the models of microparasites and macroparasites Anderson and May (1), (2) have analyzed how the threshold phenomena for the persistence of epidemics are modified when population size is variable.
Past researchers have used macroparasites as a measurement of an organism's fitness level without taking into account that they might be benign to the host's fitness, as well as unintentionally ignoring the effects of the microparasites that may also simultaneously inhabit the host.