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denoting a concentration of one millionth (10−6) of a mole per liter.

mi·cro·mo·lar (mcmol/L),

Denoting a concentration of 10-6 mol/L.


(mcM, mcmol/L) (mī'krō-mō'lăr)
Denoting a concentration of 10-6 mole per liter (10-6m or 1 mcm).
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The prototype has demonstrated a very high sensitivity to ICG in the nanomolar and micromolar range, similar to that required to detect early stage cancers.
The EvoRx team successfully generated peptides with sub micromolar cell activity and low drop-off from primary potency meeting the primary goal of the collaboration.
As expected, toremifene inhibited EBOV at low micromolar concentrations (Table).
06 micromolar and uncertainty in the results is less than 6%.
Polygodial exhibits anti-inflammatory activity at micromolar and submicromolar concentrations in a mouse model of gout through inhibition of mono sodium urate-induced neutrophil infiltration and neutrophil superoxide production.
PSMs are small alpha-helical peptides which have two distinct functions on the immune system, in vitro PSMs can attract neutrophils in the nanomolar range, whereas in the micromolar range they are cytolytic for neutrophils.
From this screen, only angoline (1) showed potent inhibitory effect on cell proliferation of three human cancer cells at low micromolar concentration ([IC.
She found that a high level of gamma-tocoperol, 10 micromolar in the blood plasma, was associated with a 10 to 17 percent reduction in lung function.
Whereas picomolar concentrations of kinetin initiate the formation of caulonema initials that produce filamentous growth, micromolar concentrations stimulate the assembly of 3dimensional buds in Funaria hygrometrica Hedwig (Schumaker and Dietrich, 1997; Bopp and Jacob, 1986).
Beneficial effects are achieved with low micromolar levels of LA, suggesting that some of its therapeutic potential extends beyond the strict definition of an antioxidant.
Tamoxifen in micromolar concentrations presents cytotoxic activity not mediated by estrogen receptors in some tumoral and non tumoral cell types, including blood cells, such as neutrophils (JAN et al.