An incision made with the aid of a microscope.


An incision made with the aid of a microscope.
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Contract notice: Framework agreement for the purchase of disposable material for phacoemulsification equipment microincision system for osi barrualde-galdakao.
PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS/INNOVATIONS II-72 ZEISS Launches CT LUCIA II-72 Bausch + Lomb Extends TRULIGN(TM) Toric Intraocular Lens Range II-72 Abbott Launches TECNIS Toric In Japan II-72 Rayner Rolls Out T-FLEX Aspheric Toric IOL in China II-72 Rayner Launches C-flexAdvance Aspheric II-72 Bausch + Lomb Rolls Out INCISE Microincision Intraocular Lens II-72 Slade & Baker Introduces Toric Crystalens IOL II-72 Bausch & Lomb Rolls Out Incise IOL in Europe II-72 Aaren Scientific Unveils HPI Preloaded Intraocular Lens Injection System II-73 Lenstec Launches Softec HD Oval IOL in the US II-73 Bausch & Lomb Rolls Out TORIC Version of enVista IOL in Europe II-73 Carl Zeiss Launches AT LISA tri 839MP II-73 9.
The science and art; microincision cataract surgery (BIMICS & COMICS).
1 Microincision Vitrectomy Surgery (MIVS) is the Current Trend in the Market
ALISO VIEJO, California and KINGSTON, England, May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bausch + Lomb, the global eye health company, announces the launch of its new INCISE microincision intraocular lens (IOL).
They discuss cataract etiology, biochemistry of the lens, intraocular lens (IOL) power calculations, corneal topography, instrumentation and anesthesia, the steps of the process, microincision cataract surgery (MICS) and Phakonit, surgery without anesthesia, premium IOLS, difficult cases such as pediatric and combined cataract and glaucoma surgery, IOL implantation in eyes without a capsule, and other topics.
The distinctive properties of the Akreos lens will serve as a pathway to microincision cataract surgery, enabling new lens technologies that can be inserted through smaller incisions.
AT LISA tri is suitable for microincision cataract surgery (MICS) to avoid intraoperative induced astigmatism and reduces higher order aberrations.
The 44 chapters provide description, steps, and color photos of procedures such as vitrectomy, scleral buckling surgery, intraocular tamponade, laser treatment, optical coherence tomography, and photodynamic therapy; the management of diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular occlusions, adult and pediatric retinal detachments, age-related macular degeneration, retinal telangiectasia and macroaneurysm, vitreous diseases, optic neuritis and retinochoroiditis, posterior segment diseases, trauma, hemorrhage, tumors, and other conditions; and recent advances such as 23 G and 25 G microincision surgery, retinal laser photocoagulation, micropulse laser, wide angle viewing, advanced vitrectomy systems, and stem cell therapy.
Bausch & Lomb's new Stellaris([TM]) Vision Enhancement System is coupled with an array of specialized sub-2 mm instruments -- and outside of the United States, a microincision artificial intraocular lens -- to allow surgeons to perform cataract surgery using smaller surgical incisions that can enhance patient comfort and recovery.
The Stellaris system is the cornerstone of Bausch & Lomb's microincision cataract surgery (MICS([TM])) platform, to which ophthalmologists around the world are transitioning.
The procedure typically takes about 15 minutes or less, requires only an adhesive bandage to close the microincision, and offers quick recovery time for patients.