A very small dose.

microdose (mīˈ·krō·dōsˑ),

n extremely small dose of highly diluted medicinal substance used in homeopathic medicine. Also called
homeopathic dose.


A very small dose.
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The sterEOS workstation enables radiologists to create 3D models from a low dose or Microdose stereo-radiographic exam and export a patient report including 2D & 3D images and relevant clinical data, amongst which a comprehensive dataset of anatomical biomarkers.
Contract award: service care philips microdose mammography system l30 for jablonec nad nisou hospital after
Meadows, 34, said: "I watched the BBC documentary earlier this year showing how athletes can microdose and I had to compete at the Birmingham Diamond League a few days later.
She said: "I watched the BBC documentary showing how athletes can microdose and I competed at the Birmingham Diamond League days later.
The study will rely on Philips' MicroDose SI mammography spectral imaging technology.
In addition to allowing freedom of movement, the PET helmet, or Ambulatory Microdose PET, will require far less of the radioactive tracer material currently used in traditional PET imaging.
The state filed legal papers in Multnomah County Circuit Court last week against Innovation Ventures LLC, Living Essentials LLC and Microdose Sales LLC.
Earlier this year, Philips (Andover, CT) received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its MicroDose SI system, the first full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system on the market with the capability to enable future single-shot spectral imaging applications.
The comparisons relate to the result in the year-earlier period, excluding a nonrecurring item attributable to the divestment of the MicroDose business.
Notable results using the same microdose protocol were also reported by Schoolcraft et al.
A mobile mammogram will be available through Philips' state-of-the-art MicroDose mammography unit which has the ability to deliver high-quality images and up to 50 per cent less radiation impact on women undergoing the screenings.
The mobile MicroDose mammography unit is on a tour around the GCC region -it has been in Oman since June 2- performing breast screenings for early detection, as part of Philips' commitment to women's health and preventative care.