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The effect of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) fiber on the mechanical and water absorption properties polypropylene (PP) from the recycled source was studied and assessed.
The next group of tests for this sample series measures the performance of the Aflux 37 and Rhenofit STA/S against not only the control, but also the zinc fatty acid soap and the microcrystalline wax.
For that reason, the letter of Lewin-Smith and colleagues, in conjunction with our study, should provide the practicing pathologist with an excellent overview of the staining characteristics of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), talc, and calcium oxalate in tissue sections.
Production of endoglucanase was induced by microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and xylan.
Cellulose ethers (including microcrystalline cellulose) are expected to remain the largest product group in dollar terms.
FMC said the aim of the venture is to increase sales to existing customers and develop demand from potential pharmaceutical customers in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, for its microcrystalline cellulose-based excipients.
The authors defined lustrous carbon as a shiny, microcrystalline carbon that is separated from gas phase and on to surfaces at temperatures of 1170-1830F (632-999C)
of Van Nuys has taken its Quake Wax, a blend of microcrystalline waxes used to hold glass, porcelain, china and other objects, a step further.
A different cross-linked gelatin (whose formulation is proprietary) is mixed with microcrystalline cellulose and calcium phosphate.
The market study also includes microcrystalline cellulose powder and its applications in pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries.
Petroleum and mineral wax product segment is further sub-segmented into paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax and others (including semi-crystalline wax and petroleum jelly).
The 3Sun PV modules that the Diego de Almagro plant will make use of comprise layers of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon on a glass substrate, a design first developed by Sharp Corp.