A colony of bacteria visible only under a low power microscope.
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LasB inhibition can significantly decrease bacterial attachment, microcolony formation, and extracellular matrix linkage in biofilm (Yu et al.
pylori can invade cells to reside in a cytoplasmic vacuole or replicate on the cell membrane or within the cell to form a microcolony.
aeruginosa biofilm developmental growth cycle consists of the following distinct steps: environmental signals, initiation of biofilm production (which includes monolayer, and microcolony formation), maturation into an exopolysaccharide (EPS)-enclosed mature biofilm, and finally, cell dispersal from the biofilm and transition to the planktonic mode of growth.
Evolution of the paralogous hap and iga genes in Haemophilus influenzae: evidence for a conserved hap pseudogene associated with microcolony formation in the recently diverged Haemophilus aegyptius and H.
monocytogenes have been incorporated into a microcolony immunoblot technique that diagnoses and enumerates the pathogenic L.
Intestinal crypt microcolony assay and blood cell counts were used to assess the effect of darinaparsin on intestinal and bone marrow cell radiosensitivity, respectively.
The development of a biofilm consists of five stages: initial attachment, irreversible attachment, microcolony formation, maturation and final dispersion (Sauer et al.
Microcolony and biofilm formation as a survival strategy for bacteria.
Processes of microcolony development and differentiation are therefore of particular interest as targets for novel strategies to control biofilms.
dubliniensis has the ability to adhere to and form biofilms with structural heterogeneity and typical microcolony and water channel architecture similar to what has been described for bacterial biofilms and C.
With time, the colonies intermixed, showing the migration of cells from one microcolony to the other.
Timely culture for Mycobacteria which utilizes a microcolony method.