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Relating to a microbe or to microbes.
Synonym(s): microbic, microbiotic (2)


Of or involving or caused by or being microbes.
See also: microbe
Synonym(s): microbial.
[Fr., fr. G. micros, small, + bios, life]


(mī′krōb″) [ micro- + Gr. bios, life]
A unicellular or small multicellular organism including bacteria, protozoa, some algae and fungi, viruses, and some worms, esp. those that are injurious to other organisms.
microbialmicrobic (mī-krō′bē-ăl) (mī-krōb′ĭk), adjective


pertaining to or emanating from a microbe.

microbial digestion
the breakdown of organic material, especially feedstuffs, by microbial organisms. It is the basis of the functioning of the rumen, the large intestine of the horse, and a significant part of the digestive process in the crop of birds. The function can be seriously damaged by the prolonged or heavy dosing of the animal with antibiotics or sulfonamides.
microbial flora
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The rumen is the largest compartment and serves as a fermentation vat for microbial digestion of grasses.
The combination of alkali pre-treatment and EFE synergistically improved ruminal microbial digestion of straw, but the optimal conditions for the synergistic effect need to be defined.
Microbial digestion was arrested by adding 1 ml of 5% mercuric chloride to each vial.
Micronizing sorghum denatures the protein in the endosperm and may increase its resistance to microbial digestion (McNeill et al.
6[degrees]C, but all treatment means were within the normal range which has been reported as optimal for microbial digestion (France and Siddons, 1993; Van Soest, 1994; Firkins, 1996).
Microbial digestion that occurred and progressed from more digestible inner tissue had been observed under microscope (Migne et al.

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