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mi·crohm (mcΩ),

One millionth of an ohm.
Synonym(s): micro-ohm


Etymology: Gk, mikros + ohm, George Ohm
a unit of electrical resistance equal to one millionth (10-6) of an ohm. See also ohm.


(mcΩ) (mī'krōm)
One millionth of an ohm.


A microunit of electrical resistance; one-millionth of an ohm.
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ST has developed an innovative ribbon-bonding technology that delivers a low typical Rds(on) of 800 micro-Ohms (0.
The half-rack size instrument is capable of 4-wire and 6-wire remote sense resistance measurements ranging from one micro-ohm to 200 megohms.
By expanding the measurement ranges, the Model 2750 can address applications normally reserved for more expensive and complex micro-ohm meters.
The tweezers enable accurate one-handed measurements from micro-ohms to mega-ohms without changing probes.
The Vishay Dale WSMS5515 Power Metal Strip([R]) meter shunt resistor features a proprietary processing technique that produces very low resistance values from 100 to 500 micro-ohms, which provide increased accuracy in current meter shunt applications for industrial and residential electronic power meters.