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(mī-sel'ăr, mi-),
Having the properties of an assemblage of micelles, that is, of a gel.
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Andalou Naturals' Micellar One Step Facial Swipes remove makeup, cleanse and refresh skin into beautiful, healthy splendor.
FOR VERY SENSITIVE SKIN Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water, PS24 The rosehip oil and rose water in this soothe sensitive skin, while the micelle formula cleanses - all without damaging the moisture barrier.
Le Couvent de Minimes 3-in-1 Micellar Water, PS16 (lecouventdesminimes.
With this view, kinetic runs were made at maximum where substrate is completely micellar bound at 1.
5-FU and its derivatives can be useful model drugs for improving our understanding of mechanism of interaction between drugs and the micellar carriers of different types [22].
The micellar system has been used to send taxol to intended spots for treating breast cancer in animal phases.
The intraluminal phase of fat digestion in man: the lipid content of the micellar and oil phases of intestinal content obtained during fat digestion and absorption.
Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction between ethylene glycol and periodate in micellar system remain unexplored.
With growth in casein awareness and demand of milk proteins, we are producing caseins, caseinates, native micellar caseins and low-grit micellar caseins.
Micellar enhanced ultrafiltration; fundamentals & applications.
Engineered self-assemblies used in nanomedicine come in over five groups of structural shapes, including the micellar nanostructure.
The oil-based cleansing composition satisfies the following conditions: the amount of water in the composition is less than 5% by mass, and a micellar aqueous solution phase or a bicontinuous microemulsion phase is formed when said oil-based cleansing composition and water arc mixed in the ratio of 4:6.