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mew, miaow

the vocal sound characteristic of domestic cats; in various languages it is spelled in 31 different ways, which include 'miaow', 'meow', 'myaus', 'mio', and 'mau'. See also vocalization.
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Since forming in 1995 Mew has stunned music fans from Australia to Norway, from Japan to Mexico.
Placing a diaphragm call in my mouth I produced a series of 12 pleading cow mews, followed by a series of higher pitched lost-calf mews.
Mew suggested she could be used as a model for the competition the following year and patted his hands over her body, telling her she was "in proportion".
And when simple nagging doesn't do the trick, Mew has a few other suggestions up his sleeve including different types of plates which help widen the jaw or make it mildly painful to open your mouth, making the child speak through teeth which are still closed together, although these are removed for meal times.
Mr Tuppen said the deal would give Gibbs Mew a wider choice of leading brands and reduce its overheads.
The final property at St Helens Mews is available for PS360,000.
Enfield Mews will be a popular family development and I am sure that families would appreciate their children having access to a good and safe local playground.
Refurbished in the early 2000s, the mews consists of a single storey building divided into approximately ten suites of offices, which can be take individually or in their entirety.
Fiona was born and brought up in Castle Mews and "Jock" Gillies, as he was best known, was her grandfather.