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, metra-metro- (mē'trō),
The uterus.
See also: hystero- (1), utero-.
[G. mētra]

metro-, metra-

prefix meaning "uterus": metrocele, metrofibroma, metromalacoma.


, metra- , metro-
Combining forms indicating the uterus.
See also: hystero- (1) , utero-
[G. mētra]

metra-, metro-

word element. [Gr.] uterus.
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The Towers at Hutchinson Metro Center represents a unique opportunity for businesses to enjoy the many benefits of a Manhattan-style office building without the Manhattan prices.
Subsequently, Metro Waste gained control of recycling plants in Toronto, Rochester and Buffalo by trading Norampac a 27.
Fire department officials want to seek innovative solutions to what Metro called Antelope Valley's ``health care crisis,'' which he said is illustrated by sometimes hours-long waits in emergency rooms.
8 percent growth in the metro population, and, individually, over half of all nonmetro counties lost population during the 1980s (Ghelfi & Parker, In press).
In addition to its outstanding tenant amenities, the Hutchinson Metro Center boasts an excellent location that is conveniently located to Manhattan, Queens, Westchester County and southern Connecticut.
Daily boardings have increased by about 21,000, 26 percent, to 90,000 along Wilshire and Whittier boulevards, where 85 Metro Rapid buses run.
I'm not holding up the Daily News as the model for metropolitan dailies, but the News is clearly providing more consistent, forthright coverage of city politics than the Times, particularly the Times' Metro section.
said, "Our strategic partnership with METRO Cash & Carry shows that both parties have invested for the long term to help secure merchandise better, while also improving the customer shopping experience.
Synamedia Metro brings the world's most advanced television technologies to the telecommunications industry, enabling telcos to offer a compelling IPTV middleware solution to their subscribers.
Pronghorn Metro is the only hardware platform enabling key RoamAD software features such as flexible quad-band multi-radio support with the ability to accommodate future RoamAD software updates supporting 3.
With more sellers competing for the pool of buyers, the pressure on home prices has evaporated in most metro areas," he said.
The first, the Tropos Metro Compliant Extensions (TMCX), provides a specification for the wireless modems used for residential and small-business access to metro Wi-Fi networks.