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Yet, the aversion to the metric system did not come only from fanatical conservatives, but also from liberals like Stewart Brand, editor of Whole Earth.
As of next year, the textile market is also set to convert its weighing method to the metric system instead of yards.
will be on the metric system someday," said Don Jordan, (http://artsandsciences.
The metric system defines how an aircraft's CO2 emissions can be evaluated in a method relevant to how aircraft are operated.
There are only a few countries that do not use the metric system, and America is the significant holdout.
The metric system was devised by scientists during the French Revolution in the late 18th century to replace the chaotic collection of units then in use, using the decimal system rather than fractions.
However, the commercial property industry has evidently found it a difficult concept to embrace, and particularly in the sales and lettings side, imperial still predominates, sometimes to the exclusion of the metric system altogether.
One day we will be lucky enough to use the metric system in all aspects of design and manufacture.
The metric system provides substantial advantages to the Federal Government in its operations and in the Department of State's unique international mission and environment.
For years we were being warned of the arrival of the evil metric system.
It's possible that she was confused because most young people learn the metric system at school nowadays.
With ruler-limned horizontal and vertical pencil lines, Brouwn charts his personal calibrations, in tandem with the standard metric system and archaic gauges such as the Hispanic vara and the Western European ell (an outdated means of quantifying pieces of cloth, itself based on human hand width).