methyl violet

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1. the color produced by the shortest waves of the visible spectrum, beyond indigo, approximately 380 to 420 nm.
2. a dye or stain with this color.
crystal violet (gentian violet) (methyl violet) gentian violet; see under gentian.

meth·yl vi·o·let

(meth'il vī'ō-let), [C.I. 42535]
Mixtures of tetra-, penta-, or pararosanilin that vary in shade of violet depending on the extent of methylation (designated R for reddish shades, B for bluish shades); the hexamethyl compound is known as crystal violet, the pentamenthyl compound as methyl violet 6B. methyl violet stains have many bacteriologic, histologic, and cytologic applications.

methyl violet

A stain used in histology and bacteriology.
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Comments: Al-Flex Methyl Violet dispersion, AC 8030-FX, is an acrylic resin based aqueous dispersion with a 40 percent pigment loading.
month of capacity for specialty flushes (rhodamines, methyl violet, carbozole, UV, polyesters, etc.
Comments: Methyl Violet (PV 3) (AArbor Code 1003W) is used in solvent inks (NC, NC/PA) and water, and offers high gloss and stability.