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the chemical group or radical -CH3.
methyl salicylate a natural or synthetic oil with a characteristic wintergreen odor and taste; used as a counterirritant in ointments or liniments for muscle pain and also as a flavoring agent. Called also wintergreen oil.

meth·yl (Me),

The moiety, -CH3.
[G. methy, wine, + hylē, wood]


/meth·yl/ (meth´il) the chemical group or radical CH3—.
methyl methacrylate  a methyl ester of methacrylic acid, which polymerizes to form polymethyl methacrylate; used in the manufacture of acrylic resins and plastics.
methyl salicylate  a volatile oil with a characteristic wintergreen odor and taste; used as a flavoring agent and as a topical counterirritant for muscle pain.

methyl (Me)

the chemical radical CH3.


The radical, -CH3.
[G. methy, wine, + hylē, wood]


the monovalent radical, −CH3.

methyl alcohol
see methyl alcohol.
methyl bromide
a soil and grain fumigant. Poisoning by this compound causes incoordination and somnolence. Called also bromoethane.
methyl carbamate
methyl demeton
an organophosphorus insecticide. Called also methyl systox, oxydemeton-methyl.
methyl harmane (3-methyl)
carboline toxin found in plants.
methyl hydroxybenzoate
methyl p-hydroxybenzoate
a sex pheromone in the vaginal secretions of the bitch in estrus; it stimulates mounting behavior in dogs.
methyl orange
an orange-yellow aniline dye, used as an indicator with a pH range of 3.2-4.4 and a color change from pink to yellow.
methyl parathion
a very toxic organophosphorus insecticide.
methyl red test
a biochemical test for identification of enterobacteria.
methyl salicylate
a natural or synthetic wintergreen oil, used as a topical analgesic and as a clearing agent when mounting parasites. Called also oil of sweet birch.
methyl systox
see methyl demeton (above).
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And you have no control over where the methyl groups from soy or folic acid are hitting.
The chemical oxidation stability of the copolymer increases with increasing substitution value of methyl group on the tetrazole ring.
Therefore, any alternative methyl group donors may either substitute methionine as a methyl group donor, or provide the methyl groups which are necessary for the conversion of homocysteine to methionine (McDevitt et al.
methyl group attached to the carbon atom to the sulfonamido substituent.
If your supply of folate is low," says Jacob, "your body may compensate by taking methyl groups from choline.
Stereo errors are those that are created by the 1,2 insertion of propylene, but with a racemic orientation of the methyl group with relation to the adjacent methyl groups.
The possibility of two types of methyl groups existing in MAO has been explored by solid-state [1.
Additionally, only four percent of patients in each bardoxolone methyl group experienced a worsening of CKD stage compared to 13 percent in the placebo group.
This might come from the hyperconjugation effect which created by the methyl group of the 3-methylbenzene substituent Scheme 3.
The two 'shoulders' of the pentagon are occupied by two different 'dampers', a chlorine atom, and a methyl group, which are necessary for controlled rotation.
One pathway, catalyzed by the enzyme methionine synthase (MS), derives its methyl group from the C1 (folic acid) pool.