methohexital, methohexitone

an ultra-short-acting barbiturate.
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QT interal, heart rate and arterial pressure using propofol, thiopentone or methohexitone for induction of anaesthesia in children.
A comparison of propofol induction with thiopentone or methohexitone in short outpatient general anaesthesia.
The induction of general anaesthesia for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) often includes intravenous agents, such as propofol, methohexitone and thiopentone (1).
Anaesthesia was induced with fentanyl and maintained with either methohexitone or propofol, and learning was assessed 36 to 48 hours after surgery by asking patients to free associate to each of the prompt sentences.
Comparision of new emulsion formulation of propofol with methohexitone and thiopentone for induction of anaesthesia in day cases.
Krystal et al (3) retrospectively investigated cases in which ECTs with methohexitone produced seizures lasting shorter than 25 seconds, despite maximal stimulation, and reported that the addition of ketamine at a mean dose of 1.
Comparison of propofol and methohexitone as anaesthetic agents for electro convulsive therapy.
Methohexitone, initially proposed by the American Psychiatric Association as the anaesthetic agent of choice for induction of anaesthesia in patients undergoing ECT (6), is no longer available in Malaysia and many parts of the world.
Comparison of the new emulsion formulation with methohexitone and thiopentone for induction pf anaesthesia in day cases.
Key Words: unapproved medicines, medicines regulations, Medicines Act 1981 Section 29, anaesthesia, metaraminol, halothane, thiopentone, etomidate, methohexitone