methanesulfonic acid

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meth·ane·sul·fon·ic acid

A liquid soluble in water, alcohol, and ether used as a reaction catalyst.
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LutropurA is readily biodegradable and, unlike other grades of methanesulfonic acid, it is produced using a process that does not use chlorine.
The use of strong methanesulfonic acid, drastically reduced the molecular weight of the polymer.
high purity methanesulfonic acid that combines outstanding cleaning performance with an excellent ecotoxic profile and good material compatibility, - dye transfer inhibitors for low temperature washing which can be used in combination with optical effect products and which provide excellent results for bright colors and brilliant white, - a highly effective and readily biodegradable chelating agent that can be used as an alternative to phosphates in dishwashing detergents, - special surfactants for heavy dirt removal.
The increasing intermolecular interactions lead to the formation of aggregation in the methanesulfonic acid (MSA) solution of poly(benzazole)s, which is detrimental to the photoluminescence quantum efficiency of the polymers.