bronchial challenge test

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pertaining to or affecting one or more bronchi.
bronchial challenge test a pulmonary function test in which an aerosol such as methacholine, histamine, or an allergen is administered to provoke bronchospasm; used in diagnosis of asthma.

bronchial challenge, bronchial challenge test

a challenge test in which a nonspecific agent such as histamine or methacholine is applied to the bronchi and they are assessed for a bronchoconstriction reaction. Also called bronchial provocation. See inhalational challenge test.

bronchial challenge test

Any of a group of functional tests for assessing asthma, in which a nebulised agent—e.g., histamine, methacholine—is sprayed on the bronchial mucosa that evokes bronchoconstriction in asthmatics, which is detected by spirometry; BCT is used to establish a baseline pulmonary functional status.
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1]) and PEF were measured with a portable combined spirometer every 15 min during the exposure to formaldehyde or air-only in the chamber and every hour until the methacholine provocation test, which was performed 8 hr after the end of the allergen bronchial challenge.