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Meters can be read by on-site meter readers who use a reading gun up against the DEP Remote Scan Pad placed on the outside of every building.
The fact, according to the DEP, is that once the DEP converts all buildings to meter billing they are going to remove all programs that will give the buildings recourse if a water bill gets too high.
In addition, smart meters can help monitor and address complex issues, such as power quality.
Analysis of the installed base of electromechanical and electronic meters by country
The ISO is considering a requirement that all meters used under its demand response programs be certified by the PSC, which presently certifies only revenue grade meters.
Smith believes a similar start in the 100 meters by Greene could result in taking down Bailey's 100 record of 9.
Postal Service, with the cooperation of all authorized postage meter manufacturers, began a phaseout of all mechanical postage meters because of identified cases of indiscernible tampering and misuse.
We advise clients on how to properly meter and sub-meter an entire building and remain eligible for DEP cost-saving programs.
Every meter that's broken and not up is not collecting money.
Prior to issuing the RFPs, SCE conducted a year-long collaborative effort with meter and communications companies resulting in industry predictions it can provide SCE with a more robust metering system than previous off-the-shelf systems, and at an attractive cost.
thick panels at 2 to 200 ft/mm; continuous scrap-foam rebonding lines; rigid and flexible foam molding lines; three- or four-component phenolic foam machines that meter, mix and pour or spray phenolics in viscosities from 5000 to 100,000 cp; and line of high-production cutters for rigid and flexible foams.