metatarsal pad

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metatarsal pad

plantar pad applying pressure to shafts and heads of 2/3/4 metatarsals, to achieve sagittal-plane realignment, increase plantar forefoot contact in fixed pes cavus or relieve 2, 3, 4 metatarsophalangeal joint soft-tissue compression


1. pertaining to the metatarsus.
2. a bone of the metatarsus.

metatarsal pad
see footpad.
metatarsal spur
see spur (3).
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1) In this case, lesions were most commonly classified as grade II (smooth, thinly surfaced, circumscribed area on the plantar metatarsal pad; no distinct ulceration present) or grade V (cellulitis of the tissue surrounding a necrotic plug in an ulcer of the metatarsal pad; entire metatarsal pad may be affected; digits or foot may also be edematous; necrotic debris may start to accumulate in the metatarsal area, which suggests infection of the tendon sheaths; severe lameness, generally a chronic lesion).
You suggest he use contrast baths--and explain how this is done--once or twice a day and refer him to physical therapy for proper placement of metatarsal pads in his shoes, and schedule an appointment for a 6-week follow-up.
Metatarsal pads can help distribute the pressure over a greater area of the foot, reducing pressure on the ball of the foot.
Some of the best stores are experienced with placing metatarsal pads, arch pads and tongue pads (which give a firm grip on the mid foot to prevent pistoning of the foot back and forth) in the new shoe.
In recent years the growth in foot care sales has been concentrated in the device segment, which includes such items as heel and arch supports, specialty inserts and metatarsal pads to cushion the bottom of the foot, notes vice president of sales John Vayianos.
The use of simple self-adhesive semi compressed 5 or 7mm plantar metatarsal pads, appropriately crafted and skived at the edges, can be surprisingly effective at reducing pain and should not be overlooked in our increasingly technological profession.