metastatic cancer

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metastatic cancer

Cancer which has spread in a non-contiguous fashion—by the blood, haematogenously; by the lymphatic, trans-coelomically—from a primary site of origin to a distant site.

metastatic cancer

Secondary cancer, secondary tumor Cancer that has spread from a primary site elsewhere

Metastatic cancer

A cancer that has spread to an organ or tissue from a primary cancer located elsewhere in the body.
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Patient discussion about metastatic cancer

Q. I have met my close friend after 3 years. She is showing some signs of high depression. How can I help her? I have met my very close friend after 3 years and she is very depressed. I am worried that she is showing some signs of high depression. She talks all rubbish and negatives these days which is filled with that nonsense hopelessness. She was fine and going good when I left her and now she is completely negative in her behavior and also very depressed. She is not able to enjoy my company. She had lost her weight and her eyes reflect the bluntness. She keeps silent most of the time. How can I help her?

A. I think first you must talk to her and find out about when and how this started. Take her to all the places where you both used to go. She might have come across difficult phase in these years which would have made her depressed and she may need a support to bring her back to normal way of living. We cannot say that this is a depression which would get cured by just talking and knowing the reasons but you must help her to fight back for the thing she had lost. If there is no desired result, then do consult a physician.

Q. Does staging in breast cancer is linked to metastasis and what is the use of staging?

A. stages in cancer tell of it's progress. is it benign, does it have a capsule, did it metastasized and all that. but if you are looking for more accurate and more information on that in general:

this should do it!

Q. What is the best pathophysiology of colorectal cancer. The pathophysiology just has to be brief and concise. It also has to include nursing considerations for the patient.

A. i'm not sure i understand your you mean what is the best treatment for colorectal cancer? patophysiology is the changes the tissue acquired. if you'll give me more details on what you are looking for i'll be more then happy to help you.

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The choice of the appropriate chemotherapy agent to target the metastatic cancer cells is usually based on the characteristics of the primary tumor--which assumes that the metastatic cancer cells are genetically identical to the primary tumor.
While metastatic cancer can sometimes be controlled with treatment, it is unlikely that Jade will be free from the disease.
CancerTYPE ID[TM] was created and designed to help oncologists more effectively treat patients with metastatic cancer when the type of cancer appears uncertain," said Schuh.
For one, metastatic cancer ceils are more pliant--so soft and flexible that they can literally squeeze their way into the tightest of spaces--to better invade cells.
Shaffer is part of a special group of pioneers, as she says, surviving metastatic cancer.
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